Reservation by Phone
/ at the Window

Reservation flow

STEP1 Reservation by Phone / at the Window


STEP2 Reservation Start Date

From 9:00AM of the same day two months before boarding

*If the reservation start date falls on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, our company’s holidays, or if there is no applicable day, the next business day will be the reservation start date.

*Even if you are making a round trip, if the reservation for the return trip has not started, you cannot reserve for the return trip at that time. Please reserve separately.

Mandatory Information

  • Name / sex / age of all passengers
  • Phone number / postal code of a representative
  • If you have a car: number plate / car length (cm) / bicycle displacement (cc)
    *Please check in advance by car verification.

STEP3  Payment

Payment Deadline

Reservation dayPayment deadline
Until 4 days before the boarding dateIn 3 days including the reservation day
3 days~2 days before the boarding dateUntil 2 days before the boarding date
The day before or on the boarding dateUntil 90 minutes before departure

*Reservations will be automatically cancelled after the payment deadline.

*Refund fee will be charged for cancels after the settlement.

*If you need a receipt issued by our company, please come by at the terminal window before boarding.


STEP4 Reservation Completed

“E-ticket customer copy” (electronic boarding pass) will be issued after settlement.
The two-dimensional bar code of the “e-ticket customer copy” can also be your room key.

If you print out or download the “e-ticket customer copy” in advance, you do not need to go through boarding procedure at the window.
Click here to know how to get “e-ticket customer copy”

The two-dimensional bar code of the “e-ticket customer copy” is needed when you embark/disembark.


About Embarkation / Disembarkation

Please arrive at the ferry terminal 60 minutes before the departure.

(90 minutes before during Golden Week, summer vacation, year-end and New Year holidays)

/Fare Inquiry

Boarding date

Port of departure

Swap the departure port and the arrival port

Port of arrival
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