Convenience Store Payment

Payment Method

Convenience Store Payment Cash(Up to 300,000 yen)

  • Available until 2 days before the departure date

Available Stores

convenience stores

*It is not available if the payment amount is more than 300,000 yen.

*It is not available if you reserved on the day before the departure date or the departure date.

Change / Cancel

  • We accept only one ship (departure date / route) and cabin change after payment, free of charge.
    Please change through the  Internet Reservation Service.
  • The following refund fee will be charged for 1 person, 1 room, and 1 unit for cancellation after payment and for the second and subsequent changes (*1).

(*1)In the case of the second change, the refund fee at the time of the first change will be calculated as a charge and the refund fee at the time of the second change will be calculated, and the higher of the refund fees will be charged.
* If canceled after payment, the following fees will be charged.

Refund fee Until 7 days before boarding date Until 2 days before boarding date The day before boarding / Until departure After departure
Passenger fare
(basic fare)
200 yen 10% 30% 100%
Room Charge 200 yen 10% 30% 100%
Passenger car/
0 yen
200 yen for a shipping
without a driver
10% 30% 100%
  • Less than 10 yen will be rounded up.
  • The refund fee for checked baggage is 100 yen.
  • Refund is not possible after departure.

Refund Method

  • We will refund the amount after deducting the refund fee and payment fee (550 yen) from the amount already settled to the specified account.
    Please note that we will not transfer if the deduction amount is less than 0 yen.
    * It may take up to 10 days for the refund.

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Boarding date

Port of departure

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