To Kanto
and Kyusyu

Two vessels are in service –
“Hamayu” named after the flower of Yokosuka City
and “Soleil” named after the flower of KitaKyusyu City (sunflower).
Taking advantage of the high speed of the vessels
(navigation speed 28.3 knots; about 52.4 km/h),
they will operate between Yokosuka and Shinmoji in about 21 hours.

Departure time
Arrival time
Yokosuka 23:45
Shinmoji 21:00
(the next day)
Shinmoji 23:55
Yokosuka 20:45
(the next day)

“The scenery unique to a cruise is there”

Surrounded by the horizon as far as you can see 360 ​​degrees,

Feel the refreshing sea breeze and take a deep breath

The wake follows the stern and the sky shows various colors

Please enjoy the ever-changing scenery unique to a cruise.

the forward saloon

“The charm of a cruise, not just a way of move”

A healing open-air bath that makes you feel

as if you are one with the grand ocean

Relaxing reading time in the quiet space of the forward saloon

Fulfilling activities such as planetarium and movies

You will arrive at your next destination in no time.

open-air bath
seasonal menus

At the restaurant, we offer seasonal menus

using local ingredients from Kanto and Kyusyu.

While viewing the changing ocean scenery,

you can also enjoy barbecue on board.

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Boarding date

Port of departure

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Port of arrival
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