About Measures against Covid-19

We are implementing the following initiatives so that passengers can board with peace of mind.

*All photos are for illustrative purposes only.

▼Measuring body temperature

We measure body temperature of all passengers. Please come by inside of the terminal and measure your temperature before boarding.

Please note that if your temperature is above 37.5℃ or if you refuse to measure it, you cannot board the ferry.

If  passengers have a fever or have a cold symptom, we will consult with the nearest health center, etc., including weekends, and take appropriate measures.
If you have a fever, cough, dullness, or other illness during the voyage, please notify our crew immediately and we recommend to report to a health center or consult a medical institution.


▼Staffs wear masks

Our staffs wear masks.
Please be sure to wear a mask when you come to the terminal and during the voyage.


▼Use of disinfectant

We use disinfectant to wipe things/places such as door knobs and elevator buttons constantly on board.
We also wipe things inside cabins at the time of cleaning.

Alcohol disinfectant is available at the terminal and on board.


▼Social distancing

Please line up at a distance at the window, shop, and restaurant.
We also take measures to prevent droplet infection with vinyl curtains.


▼About ventilation on board

During the voyage, the air inside the ship is constantly replaced without staying by taking in outside air and ventilating it with a fresh air processor.
In addition to regular ventilation, the crew uses a CO2 monitor to check CO2 numerically and implement ventilation measures.
During the berth, the door to the outside is opened to enhance ventilation.

▼Partial closing/cancellation of onboard facilities and events

As measures against Covid-19, use of facilities may be limited.
Thank you for your understanding.


▼About grand bath

The number of people in grand bath is limited. 
When the shoe box is full, please wait for a while.

▼Notice to passengers

In addition to posting infectious disease prevention enlightenment posters on board and at terminals, infectious disease prevention announcements such as cough etiquette and alcohol disinfection are carried out.

Please wash your hands and use hand sanitizer.
Also, please be sure to wear a mask and refrain from talking loudly.

If you have a fever or feel unwell, please contact our staff.

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