Reservation flow

STEP1 User Registration

User registration is needed to reserve online.
Depending on the email reception settings, you may not receive the email from us, so please set so that you can receive emails from our domain “”.


STEP2 Reservation Start Date

From 9:00AM of the same day two months before boarding

*If the reservation start date falls on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, our company’s holidays, or if there is no applicable day, the next business day will be the reservation start date.

*Even if you are making a round trip, if the reservation for the return trip has not started, you cannot reserve for the return trip at that time. Please reserve separately.

Mandatory Information

  • Name / sex / age of all passengers
  • Phone number / postal code of a representative
  • If you have a car: number plate / car length (cm) / bicycle displacement (cc)
    *Please check in advance by car verification.

STEP3  Payment

Payment Deadline

Reservation day Payment deadline
Until 4 days before the boarding date In 3 days including the reservation day
3 days~2 days before the boarding date Until 2 days before the boarding date
The day before or on the boarding date Until 8 hours before departure (Credit card payment only)

*Reservations will be automatically cancelled after the payment deadline.

*Refund fee will be charged for cancels after the settlement.

*If you need a receipt issued by our company, please come by at the terminal window before boarding.


STEP4 Reservation Completed

“E-ticket customer copy” (electronic boarding pass) will be issued after settlement.
The two-dimensional bar code of the “e-ticket customer copy” can also be your room key.

If you print out or download the “e-ticket customer copy” in advance, you do not need to go through boarding procedure at the window.

Click here to know how to get “e-ticket customer copy”

The two-dimensional bar code of the “e-ticket customer copy” is needed when you embark/disembark.


About Embarkation / Disembarkation

Please arrive at the ferry terminal 60 minutes before the departure.

(90 minutes before during Golden Week, summer vacation, year-end and New Year holidays)

/Fare Inquiry

Boarding date

Port of departure

Swap the departure port and the arrival port

Port of arrival
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