Fares & Charges

Applied Periods

Period A Yokosuka → Shinmoji April 1st - April 26th・May 9th - July 31st, 2022
Shinmoji → Yokosuka April 1st - April 26th・May 9th - July 31th, 2022
Period B Yokosuka → Shinmoji April 27th - May 7th, 2022
Shinmoji → Yokosuka April 27th - May 7th, 2022

*Further period will be announced later.

Passenger Fare (Basic Fare)

Tourist A
Subject to Ships Hamayu / Soleil / Suisen
Period A 12,000 yen
Period B 18,000 yen
  • The fare is one-way, tax included, per person.
  • The fare for a child is a half of an adult fare.
  • An infant is free of charge if he or she sleeps together with an adult.
    In case that there are two or more infants per an adult, child fares will be charged for the extra infants.

Room Charge

The ship and sailing schedule may be unavoidably changed.

【Hamayu / Soleil】

When you take Tourist S/State/State(With-Pet room)/Deluxe, room charge is needed per cabin in addition to passenger fare.

When you take Tourist S/StateA/DeluxeA/Junior Suite/Suite, room charge is needed per cabin in addition to passenger fare.
Suisen Cabin Introduction >>

【Subject to Ships】
H : Hamyu S : Soleil ス : Suisen 

Period Tourist S State A State State
(With-Pet room)
Deluxe A Deluxe Junior Suite Suite
Subject to Ships H/S/ス H/S H/S H/S
6,000 yen 30,000 yen 32,000 yen 32,000 yen 48,000 yen 48,000 yen 60,000 yen 72,000 yen
7,200 yen 36,000 yen 38,400 yen 38,400 yen 57,600 yen 57,600 yen 72,000 yen 86,400 yen
Period Subject to Ships Period
Tourist S H/S/ス 6,000 yen 7,200 yen
State A 30,000 yen 36,000 yen
State H/S 32,000 yen 38,400 yen
(With-Pet room)
H/S 32,000 yen 38,400 yen
Deluxe A 48,000 yen 57,600 yen
Deluxe H/S 48,000 yen 57,600 yen
Junior Suite 60,000 yen 72,000 yen
Suite 72,000 yen 86,400 yen
  • The charge is one-way, tax included, per cabin.

Passenger Car Fares

Period Less than 3m Less than 4m Less than 5m Less than 6m
Period A 30,000 yen 35,000 yen 40,000 yen 45,000 yen
Period B 36,000 yen 42,000 yen 48,000 yen 54,000 yen
  • The fare is one-way, tax included, per vehicle.
  • Passenger car fare includes a driver’s passenger fare (basic fare).
  • If the car length exceeds 6m, extra fare is needed per 1m.
  • Click here for fares and charges for vehicles other than passenger cars.

Baggage and Parcel Fares

Period Personal belonging Checked Baggage
(including pets)
(including foldable ones)
Small motorcycle
(Less than 125㏄)
(Less than 750cc)
(750cc and over)
(with sidecars, trikes, etc.)
Period A 1,000 yen 6,000 yen 3,000 yen 6,000 yen 12,000 yen 15,000 yen 18,000 yen
Period B 1,000 yen 7,200 yen 3,600 yen 7,200 yen 14,400 yen 18,000 yen 21,600 yen
  • The fare is one-way, tax included, per parcel.

  • Passenger fare (basic fare) is not included in the baggage and parcel fares.

  • A fare for a small motorcycle is applied for motorcycles less than 125cc.

  • Above baggage and parcel fare is applied for a motorcycle which has three wheels (such as motorcycle with a sidecar, trike, MP3) and more than 51cc.
    If the length is more than 3m, extra fare is needed per 1m.
  • A bicycle fare is applied for a bicycle, even if it is foldable.

  • Pets cannot enter cabins other than State With-Pet room.
    Reservation for pet cages (H:67cm×W:57cm×D:90cm) is required.
    *If your pet does not fit the cage, he/she cannot use it.
     It is not allowed to leave pets in your car because you cannot enter the vehicle deck which temperature may become too high because of the exhaust heat during the voyage. 

  • Guns such as hunting guns cannot carried on board.

  • Different fares are applied for small parcels / special-purpose vehicles. Please contact us for details.

Fares and Charges Calculation Examples

①In case that two adults use a Deluxe room (When it is in period A)
Passenger fare (basic fare) for two adults12,000 yen × 2 adults =24,000 yen
Room charge for Deluxe48,000 yen ×1 cabin =48,000 yen
Total amount72,000 yen
②In case that an adult takes Tourist S, with a motorcycle less than 750cc (When it is in period A)
Passenger fare (basic fare) for an adult12,000 yen × 1 adult =24,000 yen
Room charge for Tourist S6,000 yen × 1 cabin =6,000 yen
A motorcycle less than 750cc12,000 yen × 1 motorcycle =12,000 yen
Total amount30,000 yen
In case that two adults and two children use a State room, with a passenger car less than 5m (When it is in period A)
Passenger fare (basic fare) for an adult / A fare for a driver

12,000 yen × 1 adult =
         0 yen × 1 driver =

12,000 yen
Passenger fare (basic fare) for two children

6,000 yen × 2 children =

12,000 yen
A passenger car less than 5m *Including a driver’s passenger fare (basic fare)40,000 × 1 passenger car =40,000 yen
Room charge for State32,000 yen ×1 cabin =32,000 yen
Total amount96,000 yen

Refund Fees

If you cancel a reservation, a prescribed refund fee will be charged for each person, room, and vehicle.

Refund feeMore than 7 days before the boarding dateUntil two days before the boarding dateThe day before ~ until the departureAfter the departure
Passenger fare (basic fare)200 yen10%30%100%
Room charge200 yen10%30%100%
Car / motorcycle / bicycle0 yen
200 yen for only-car shipping
  • Fractions less than 10 yen will be rounded up.
  • A refund fee for a checked baggage is 100 yen.
  • Refund is not available after the departure.

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